February, 24

2015 Zverev center for contemporary art, Moscow; 2017 PROGR Foundation, Bern

Audiovisual installation, 2015
Duration: 4’00”
Idea & production: Alexander Minchenko, Alexander Yegorov
Director: Alexander Yegorov
Camera: Alexander Minchenko
Actors: Grigory Chebotaryov, Sergey Geychenko
Composer: Sergey Geychenko


We suppose that the essence of music perception cannot be replaced with visual or any other non-auditory methods. Cinematic/interface/gadget experience has turned the world to the state where only visual matters. Listeners reconstruct an appearance of a performer, and, if they cannot, then music videos, Instagram posts, and illustrated long reads support them on this way. The first and utmost non-figurative medium is under attack. We think music can convey senses, draw into empathy, develop abstract spaces, but it is almost impossible for it now to become less human-centered and stay disconnected from subject/object relationships. We are calling for independent listening. No videos, no text, no additional data!

The installation consisted of two parts.

The first was an audial room with the manifesto displayed on the wall. Visitors could listen to music there.

The second one had the same setup, but a video screen was added. The video shown was directed by Alexander Yegorov, who has a strong background in fashion photography and video production. His aim was to bring a trendy feel and stylish visualization to the musical piece, providing some quotations from Anton Corbijn’s legacy and indie movies.

Visitors could compare their impressions while listening to the same musical piece under different conditions.