2016 CCI Fabrika, Moscow

Photography series
22 x 30 cm; 60 x 80 cm

Manifesto of the Image Partnership
21 x 29 cm

Assistant: Alexander Yegorov

Thanks to Olga Deryugina

Manifesto of the Image Partnership

1. We stand for the existence of images, independent of any property relations.
2. We advocate the equality of all images – regardless of the context and status that the society ascribes to it.
3. All images have the right to material embodiment – in any size, format, on any medium.
4. We advocate the free movement of images. *
5. Stock images should be freed from the oppressed position. We advocate the emancipation of images from the oppression of commercial circulation. We urge the viewers and customers not to see in the stock images blind willingness to appear as a face or cover of any commodity but appeal instead to their immanent essence.
6. Following comrade W.J. Mitchell, we believe that “pictures want to be asked what they want, and realizing while asking that the answer could well be ‘nothing.'”
7. Following the comrades G. Harman and L. Bryant, we believe that any attempts to build relationships with objects – including images – through the applied functions assigned to them, as well as attempts to describe them in discrete terms of science is an inadmissible reductionism.
In the meantime, we can only dream about the state of affairs described here, and for enlightenment and propaganda, we offer the photo report from the exhibition where we tried to express our position.
* The term “propagation” should be avoided because of its instrumentalizing nature (propagation as an action performed on an object).

The Action Team in Support of the Image Partnership