Untitled: Gogolevsky, 10

2018 Moscow Мuseum of modern art

Natalya Timofeeva and G5-54 sound community collaboration

Curated by Marina Bobyleva

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The exhibition space of the Moscow museum of modern art at 10 Gogolevsky boulevard has a complex, authentic architecture: arched ceilings, numerous nooks, and niches that come into view only when artificial lighting switched on. The project centers around an audiovisual landscape based on the architectural elements of the building that have lost their function today, and on their audio interpretation as unstable spaces.

Distinctive features of the interiors gain autonomy by transforming into sculptural forms. In the last hall of the exposition, the animated video that depicts barely visible changes in the museum appearance is shown. The multichannel, site-specific audio sculpture highlights the resonances of exhibition halls allowing visitors to perceive the invisible components of three-dimensional structures across the entire space.